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Arena Stair Lighting

Our arena stair lighting guarantees a safe, fun experience for your audience

Ice rinks are slippery enough without the stands being a risk for trips and falls, too. Ecoglo’s arena stair lighting gives full visibility to all the steps in your stadium, ensuring the safety of your patrons at every event. Whether it’s a small crowd or a sold out show, safety should always be a top priority, and our arena stair lighting guarantees you’re covered for an audience of any size.

Ecoglo’s arena stair lighting uses photoluminescent technology, absorbing and re-emitting light to produce a highly visible glow, easy to see in both light and dark. Our products have undergone various tests for durability, both in and out of our lab, and have proved the superior choice over other similar systems. We set the highest standards in safety for our arena stair lighting, and are proud that they meet them with high consistency.

When we install our arena stair lighting at your venue, we do so by placing each strip as close to edge of each step as possible. This allows your guests to maintain normal motion while using the stairs, confident about where the edge is in any light setting. We also offer unique no-slip technology, giving your arena stair lighting a full range of safety and reliability – the perfect mix of light and stability.

Keep your patrons safe with our high quality arena stair lighting products! For more information on our selection, take a look at our inventory or give us a call at 1-(888)-679-4022 today!

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