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Auditorium Aisle Lighting from Ecoglo

Ecoglo has received a warm reaction from performers when it greatly improved the auditorium aisle lighting at the Christchurch Town Hall in New Zealand. Before installing Ecoglo’s auditorium aisle lighting, Richard Maffey, the Building Services Manager of NCC (New Zealand) Ltd, which manages the Town Hall, subjected a test installation of the photoluminescent path-finding system to rigorous scrutiny from both users and audience. "If a performer doesn’t like what they see, we would have a major problem," he says. "I had to be absolutely sure there were no visual distractions from the stage."

Maffey’s testing of the auditorium aisle lighting on one aisle found that the five-foot stage fell within a critical angle that enabled Ecoglo® to do its work for the audience, but not distract performers.

His criteria for the Ecoglo auditorium aisle lighting installation included:

  • Whether or not it worked for path-finding and illuminated what patrons needed it to see
  • Performing to specification
  • Patrons accepting the look, feel and performance of Ecoglo
  • Minimal harm if people tripped, for instance from a non-path-finding related fall

Not compromising the aesthetics and architectural integrity of the space After using Ecoglo for a month, Maffey sought feedback from staff, members of the public, performers and stage production people, as well as testing the auditorium aisle lighting himself from a number of perspectives and different conditions. Staff and customers applauded Ecoglo because they could see their way in the dark with the new auditorium aisle lighting.

 “With Ecoglo, the nosing outlining the edges of steps allows them to establish a relativity of direction and angle, get a sense of comfort and assurance of safety; quite simply they can walk in total blackout and not trip."

Discover the benefits that environmentally- friendly auditorium aisle lighting can bring your building.

Don’t let your patrons get lost in the dark. Visit the Ecoglo Store and order your auditorium aisle lighting now!

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