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Installed Projects for Ecoglo Supplemental Lighting Systems

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Building Codes throughout the world have approved the use of photo luminescent path finding systems for emergency and supplemental lighting systems.

The Ecoglo system meets or exceeds the toughest supplemental lighting systems standards around the world, including New York City regulations, British and ISO standards for photo luminescent brightness, and the building codes of Australia and New Zealand. Ecoglo is often specified for use by architects, fire engineers and egress professionals.

Ecoglo has been installed in a large number of international facilities where supplemental lighting systems are required by set standards . These include public assembly buildings (facilities for performances or events), public occupancies (commercial high rises, malls) and industrial locations (factories, mines, oil rigs).

Ecoglo has been installed as a supplemental lighting system in prominent buildings including the world’s tallest , the Burj Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Ecoglo has also been installed in many popular sports facilities around the world, including the 100,000 seat Melbourne Cricket Grounds in Australia, the Verizon Center in Washington D.C., the American Airlines Center in Dallas, the Pepsi Center in Denver, and Rexall Place in Edmonton, Canada.

Unlike other supplemental lighting systems, Ecoglo provides a shadow-free light source. This, combined with the anti-slip surface of the stair treads, allows for speedy egress from any public building with virtually no slipping or falling.

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