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Photoluminescence Basics

Ecoglo® consists of a suite of innovative products that are made up of crystals in a pigment that emits a steady green luminescent glow.

The process of photoluminescence allows certain substances to emit light after they have absorbed various kinds of energy. The process involves:

1. The absorption of energy (normally light). This causes the electrons of the atoms of the absorbing material to become excited and jump from the inner orbits of the atoms to the outer orbits.

2. When the electrons fall back to their original state, photons of light are emitted.

Photoluminescence Visibility

When primed with the appropriate levels of light, Ecoglo systems are visible to patrons entering a darkened stadium from brightly lit external areas at 10 meters (30ft)- after 140 minutes of black-out in the stadium.

The crystals continue to glow until exhausting the energy they have absorbed, but they can be recharged repeatedly by re-exposure to light – maintaining their luminescence for the life of the stadium.

The pigment is non-radioactive, non-toxic, and responds to both solar and artificial light sources. A hard, long-lasting finish protects the surface of the disks and nosings.

If you’re looking for emergency backup lighting Ecoglo has a range of glow-in-the-dark products that can keep your patrons safe like Step Contrast Strips, Non-Slip Strips, Photoluminescent Strips, Step & Handrail Products, Carpet Nosings, Handrail Strips, Thresholds and Markers & Signage.

Contact Ecoglo for a quick quote or to obtain more information about our emergency lighting products. You can also read our article about environmentally friendly Ecoglo exit signs.

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