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Ecoglo Stadium Stair Lighting Products

Keep your venue safe with our reliable stadium stair lighting

Ecoglo’s stadium stair lighting is specially manufactured for one of the most important aspects of organizing a large event at your venue: making sure your attendees are as safe as possible. Designed to help reduce slips and falls and to light the right path in an emergency that requires evacuation, our products are ideal for any location that plays host to a large event. If you’re concerned about keeping your venue safe, Ecoglo’s stadium stair lighting is the perfect fit.

Our stadium stair lighting is powered by photoluminescence. The strips absorb natural and artificial light, re-emitting them to give off an easily visible glow that’s efficient in both light and darkness. They’ve been tested for durability in our laboratory, as well as real installations, consistently proving their superiority over other systems. We pride our stadium stair lighting on meeting our excellent standards of safety time and time again.

Installation of our stadium stair lighting products involves placing a strip in each step, as close to the edge as we can. This allows people to see where the edge is and use the staircase while maintaining normal motion. Wherever necessary, we can also install our state-of-the-art, no-slip systems, meaning your stadium stair lighting will be fully stocked for safety.

Make your venue as safe as can be with Ecoglo’s stadium stair lighting products. Browse our inventory or give us a call at 1-(888)-679-4022 today!

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