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Stairway Egress

To increase safety and visibility, Ecoglo developed a high visibility photoluminescent signs and floor strips for improved stairway egress. These products are not just glow-in-the-dark – they are engineered for superior brightness for a longer period of time. There are safety issues if there is not enough light for someone to effortlessly find their way, or be warned of potential hazards, decreasing the efficiency and safety of stairway egress.
One way to improve these factors is to provide emergency backup lighting and lights that run all day. However, there are many issues associated with using the traditional form of stairway egress lighting. It becomes costly to not only run these lights all day, but to also pay the high costs of regular maintenance.

Ecoglo has found a couple new ways to improve stairway egress lighting at less cost and using less maintenance. The main features are new photoluminescent adhesive floor strips and signs. Instead of using electricity to run lights, Ecoglo emits a glow after absorbing any type of light. After charging for about 20 minutes, signs and strips will glow for hours afterwards. The signs and strips are perfect for stairway egress because they are always clearly visible.

The floor strips also provide a tread to decrease slip and trip hazards while illuminating a path to follow. They can be put at the edge of stairs, making it clear where to step. Photo luminescent signs are used in conjunction with floor strips to indicate exits and potential hazards. Stairway egress is made more efficient and safe by using photo luminescent floor strips and signs, especially in emergency situations.

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