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Step Edge Contrast Strips

Without a step edge contrast, there would be a great concern for a person’s safety. Luckily, signs are used to indicate caution where there are steps or drops in level, they’re placed on ladder rungs to improve footing.

The best kind of step edge contrast product to use would be ones that are durable, long lasting and inexpensive. Ecoglo’s step edge contrast strips are adhesive and can be put anywhere to increase safety and visibility. Instead of using electricity, they simply absorb any kind of light and re-emit it as a glow that can be seen in the day or at night. Taking only about 20 minutes to charge, they are usually used to illuminate a path for anyone traveling up and down stairs or climbing up and down ladder rungs, especially in a hurry or in darkness.

Step edge contrast strips come equipped with a non-slip strip, making them ideal for emergency situations. People can continue to move quickly and safely to their desired destinations with less worry of where to put their next step. When placed on ladder rungs, should power go out the rungs of the ladder are still clearly visible. Even in natural light step edge contrast systems are beneficial to see where the next step is.

When using step edge contrast strips it’s important to ensure they are fully charged as often as possible. They will last longer than ordinary electrical backup systems. The maintenance on the Ecoglo® strips is far less than the electrical systems and they ensure cost efficiency since they charge from light.

Contact Ecoglo for a quick quote or to obtain more information about our emergency lighting products. You can also read our article about environmentally friendly Ecoglo exit signs.

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