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Supplemental Aisle Lighting

Ecoglo®, a glow-in-the-dark strip to maintain visibility in darkness and emergency situations is great for supplemental aisle lighting. Rather than relying on batteries or a generator, the Ecoglo system is charged by regular lighting within about 20 minutes and can remain lit for up to forty hours.

Since building safety has been rated a top priority in an overall ‘healthy’ workplace in Toronto, many are installing Ecoglo, especially to use as supplemental aisle lighting in stairwells. Cadillac Fairview, owners of The Toronto Eaton Centre have already installed Ecoglo, enhancing the safety features of the large mall.

The failsafe method is currently in place at the Toronto Eaton Centre as supplemental aisle lighting to make stair wells and handrails more visible. Illuminated directional signage has also be put into place to accompany the supplemental aisle lighting system in case of emergency situations.

Byron Sonberg, Managing Director Goodmans LLP. Is very pleased with the new emergency lighting system. “As tenants of the Eaton Centre, we are pleased that concern for our safety is of uppermost importance to Cadillac Fairview. Their implementation of a new emergency lighting system helps bring peace of mind with regard to building safety and employee wellbeing.”

Throughout the properties in office towers at 250 Yonge Street, and 20 Queen St., 1 Dundas (office towers) and the retail centre are all using Ecoglo’s supplemental aisle lighting system.

Arenas, performing art centers and movie theaters across the U.S., as well as Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand and the United Kingdom are all currently using Ecoglo as their supplemental aisle lighting system during performances, and as emergency backup systems.

Contact Ecoglo for a quick quote or to obtain more information about our emergency lighting products. You can also read our article about environmentally friendly Ecoglo exit signs.

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